P2A is one of the cultural exchange activities in ASEAN with “University Ambassadors 2019” theme. This activity was located at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. The representatives from IP FTI are Ryan Gerhan, Eky Fasich, Raja, Irfana, Fahrul Assidiqi, and Naufal Ghaliya. There, they met new friends from ASEAN; they also knew the culture and food of the host country. Besides, they visited historical sites in the organizer’s city, then they also had competitions such as the Speaking Contest and Forum Exhibition and outbound events as well.

Their impression is that they are happy to be able to join P2A and get to know new friends from ASEAN and know their character and culture. P2A’s journey was awe-inspiring for those of you who just wanted to try, “how does it feel to meet friends from ASEAN?” And good for those of you who want to try to experience abroad, how it works is perfect. P2A is also suitable for those of you who need international experience because the international experience is essential so that you know where you are in this world.

Message for all of the students, follow the program, it’s guaranteed to be fun, and also apply other opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try. The view of the countries out there is essential, considering that now we have competed with foreign people, not only domestically.